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Information Architecture


At the core of every successful web experience is a solid understanding of information architecture (IA). We don't just jump into the flashy graphics right out the gate. Early in the project we'll work closely with you to establish the structure and flow of your website or application.

    We'll work with you to develop your site:

  • Content Map
  • Sitemap
  • Navigation Schema
  • Persona Definitions
  • Wireframes

Mapping out not only the content, but the desired flow of the site, can be extremely advantageous when persuading your visitor to take specific actions. We'll explore the best path's to leading your visitors into the funnel and keeping them focused on the task at hand.


Web Design & Development

The reliability of your company and the ability to realize your sales goals depends almost entirely on the design of your website.

Innovative Branding has the expertise to design, develop, support and maintain websites across a wide range of projects and markets. Our website design and development solutions are backed by technical and creative insight. We follow a well-tailored methodology that ensures real world results.

Our professional team of web designers has marked new genres of excellence in designing static and hybrid websites, micro site, flash website, flash development with database and dynamic websites. Our robust content management system (CMS) enables you to drive all the content of your site dynamically. It is easy to use, secure and can be as workable as your site requires. We develop custom-made e-commerce solutions to allow you to manage and sell the products and services online. We are a leading name in open source development.

Our website design& development services add a leading edge to your online identity by our customized solutions.

Brand Design & Print Collateral


Innovative Branding offers brand design services aimed to present you in the way you should be identified by others. Our brand design services include designing logo to give you a unique identity, overall communication design, brand enhancement and rebranding. We promote your business in "the real world" by designing high quality print material that include catalogues, brochure, flyers, newsletters, booklets and business stationary. We offer excellent designing service with outstanding quality at realistic price. Our team of creative and proficient graphics designers will help you realize your vision by utilizing best tools and applications in the industry.

  • Brochure Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Flash Presentation
  • PDF Design
  • Logo Design
  • Vedio Design & Development


Internet Marketing

Gaining ranking and exposure to your target audience is essential in the online marketplace. Funneling random traffic into your site is not enough anymore. Today's sophisticated tools and techniques allow us to provide our clients with meaningful, highly targeted traffic which means more ROI and better conversions rates.

  • GeoTargeting
  • Time of Day Scheduling - By GeoTarget
  • Keyword Parsing
  • Long Tail Keyword Mining
  • Display URL Matching
  • Search Partner Network Management
  • Organic Link Building
  • Daily Reporting
  • Display URL Matching

  • SEO /SMO


    Get more from your traffic

    We've found many of our clients' sites are underperforming. Paying for more traffic to an inefficient site is throwing away leads and potential revenue. By optimizing your site's pages, you can effectively recapture lost revenue and greatly boost your ad spending ROI and conversion rates. We'll help you identify hidden potential in your site's design through analysis of your analytics data and careful comparison testing.

    Real world optimization

    We conducted an experiment for one of our client's lead capture forms and achieved dramatic conversion rate improvements. Changes included shortening the form, reassuring visitors of site security, reducing friction through testimonials and removing distractions.